The monitoring of temperature and humidity manually has been characterized with inaccurate measurements due to human errors. The radiological variables estimated in this study were all within world average recommended limit. The slow escape of a liquid or gas through a porous material or small openings is called seepage. Exergy and Energy analysis used the principle of conservation of mass and energy, in connection with thermodynamics law in designing and analysing of thermal system This Paper focus on Energy and Exergy analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell SOFC system by computer simulation. The Perspex board measuring 0. The epoxidation process of the triglyceride significantly increased the viscosity whereby making the blended fluids more physically, chemically and thermally balanced.

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The results of the physico-chemical analysis PCA on Herbal soap and photographic impressions of ten 10 samples collected during field survey from different locations in South western, Nigeria revealed the following: This is due to its prospects in the production of fuel such as biogas methane, carbon dioxide and other trace gases aptj high calorific value that can be used to drive a gas turbine in the production of electricity.

Abstract Continuous aoti for safe environment has led to ‘green’ approach of synthesizing nanoparticles. The device was tested at different locations and different times for two consecutive days. R870 Solar panels produce higher output power when the solarradiation reaching it is perpendicular to its surface. The results show that aptl values of all the parameters fall within the minimum universal standard, indicating that consuming the water pose no serious radiological hazard, especially for adults.

This research presents the synthesis of alumina-supported chicken eggshell for the transesterification of waste cooking oil. Periodic dose audit and enforcement of radiation protection policy will help to checkmate the lapses and alleviate patient risk.


Thus, these concentrations in dust can be distributed indoors and outdoors in order of magnitudes.

The adsorption capacity of the adsorbents was evaluated using a cylindrical glass column and was found to be in the order of zeolite CBV Mapping of the configuration of bedrock is paramount in civil engineering and hydrogeological settings. Undue exposure of humans to these radiations can result in some serious health problems. Abstract Solar energy is one of the primary sources of energy replacing fossil fuels due to its abundance.

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Depth to magnetic sources from power spectrum analysis local field ranged from 5 to 62 m. The best yield of Nitrogen N ranged from 1. Abstract Exergy ee870 Energy analysis used the principle of conservation of mass and energy, in connection with thermodynamics law in designing and analysing of thermal system This Paper focus on Energy and Exergy analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell SOFC system by computer simulation. Fatoba and Olaide S.

Since drilling of boreholes specifically to compute the hydraulic parameters is relatively expensive, estimation of the parameters from vertical electrical soundings is considered a reliable alternative.

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The radioelement maps revealed varying radioelement concentrations. This work is a review of cloud attenuation modelling, using as a case study typical research work been carried out, to develop cloud attenuation model for tropical Ota 6. A Onumejor and T.

The saturated portion of the partly weathered or fractured basement at depth will favour groundwater exploration and development in this area, while the relatively shallow overburden thickness would serve as the protective layer and recharge for the fractures. This experiment seeks to explore the latter with a keen interest on the Alti and efficiency of beetroot dye-sensitized solar cells DSCs. The magnetic highs and lows were observed in all traverses.


The biogas produced from chicken droppings and cow dung were characterized and found to contains CH 4 gas This measured parameter indicates the extents of dissolved ions present apri the herbal soap materials that when releases nourishes the skin on use.

This technique was chosen because it has been proven to be a powerful and efficient tool in interpreting potential field data.

The goal of this study is to evaluate the risk of cancer induction in head radiography procedures with a view to promote dose optimization and enhance patient safety. F870 study is directed towards groundwater resources exploration, development and management in the campus. The information provided in this study will help in fade margin for antenna sizing and performance needed for satellite communication link in the region.

In civil engineering, areas that are extensively fractured either shallow or deep are adjudged as weak zones whereby these provinces are regarded as copious zones for groundwater exploration. The conditions for transesterification were methanol to oil molar ratio of Abstract Aeromagnetic and radiometric data of Ikole Sheet were interpreted for structural mapping, rock characterization and e87 hazard indices assessment.

As a result of twin problems of environmental pollution and continuous depletion of fossil fuels, a search for renewable and clean energy sources is necessary.