There are reasons for using a RIP with the which no one has mentioned explicitly and that is if one needs to make prints longer than Normally your printer driver does this conversion for you whenever you print. I’ll look a little more carefully at the Postscript options when outputting. If you have a printer with a currently supported driver and are not worried about maximum color representation for any give paper, then skip the RIP and just use the bundled driver. This content has been marked as final. Good luck and enjoy!

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The other issue with cmyk proofing has to do with certification, which the Colorburst RIPS offer, if you really want to go through all of that as it is rather complicated and time consuming–besides, unless the person doing the offset printing does it, he will find a reason the press doesn’t match it!

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. No one needs a colorgurst, except as maybe suggested by those above, but the reality is that all of the fine art xolorburst I know use them. It is called Overdrive and uses the paper manufacturer’s own RGB profiles.

I haven’t used X-proof, but I would be surprised if there isn’t instructions or a manual download gip is available. My advice is not to worry about using a RIP unless one has very specialized needs. Also, some older printers Epson and come to mind no longer have Epson supported OS drivers and must rely on an aftermarket RIP to remain functional these days. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Actually, using the rip is pretty easy Megan, I don’t use it through photoshop, which I understand is easier with the latest version. As I said, I don’t print through photoshop and when I tried, earlier versions were difficult, I just couldn’t get it to work satisfactorily coloburst me.

And before anyone mentions it, Qimage will not solve this problem for the either.

Do you need a rip? The X-proof has a few more features than the X-photo and ones you wont need, but otherwise I believe they are the same.

An expensive aftermarket RIP does the same thing, but is typically of colorburet higher control and quality. She asked me what paper they were on and stood there with her mouth open when I told her. The cloud with updates is sneaky, as by default they delete your previous version.

ColorBurst Systems

The latter keeps things consistent over the life of your printer, as it wears ri its characteristics may change or inks change–also not complicated once you do it a couple of times. I print on an Epson I am still confused as to what exactly this is and whether it is needed for fine art printing.

Colorbust you have a printer with a currently supported driver and are not worried about maximum color representation for any give paper, then skip the RIP cklorburst just use the bundled driver. I am not saying that the standard drivers don’t produce good results, I just know that on both of my printers that the RIP produces better prints.

Eyedropper tool causes crashes Photoshop CS6. I think it is colorbursg maybe are you unhappy with what you are producing now. Hi Srishti – thanks for the links – I’ll look into them. I use Colorburst X-Photo, with a and an old colorbudst If you are printing to postscript on the mac the generator is the same, but your settings here might be different.


It is not adequate for proofing page layout files in a professional environment. So Colorburst is just one RIP that can be used to print long prints, which for some users it provides the needed solution. Just for ease of use, DON’T test it by printing through photoshop–at least until you do a few prints and feel comfortable with it. Would save you the time and file management of an extra. Clorburst has a new RIP out for photographers and I believe you can download a 15 day trial of it.

Your name or email address: And no, the statement that no one needs a RIP is not correct, some actually do.

Colorburst RIP Crashing | Adobe Community

This content has been marked as final. Running it colorbburst its own interface, the drag and drop Tiff thing I mentioned, it was much easier and you know there is no interference between the two software products–you will know you are seeing what the RIP does without contamination, real or imagined!

Is this really true? They cannot print the data handed to them without one.