Refer to followings for each error. A home-position sensor detects when the carriage is in the home position. A 5 If any coil is shorted, check the CR motor driver circuit using the following procedure: This slow down is started when the rest of the input buffer becomes several hundreds of bytes. Exclusive paper, Bond paper, PPC 1. The carriage mechanism is defective.

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A List of Tables Table A Printer stops during initialization. This counter counts consumed ink quantity over printing, cleaning and flushing after the cartridge is exchanged.

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The AC voltage from the AC inlet is first epdon to the filter circuit for higher harmonics absorption and is then input to the rectification and smoothing circuit, converting into DC voltage. Ink system control has various kinds combined with several basic functions.

This mechanism changes adjoined lines of gear by colliding trigger lever with carriage unit, and convey the motive power on the paper feed assembly to the ASF side paper roller.

Figure shows a cross-section of the scanner head.


epson scanner 10f driver download

Motor Drive Sequence W Also, even if the pump drive roller pump motor rotates toward ink absorbing and the carriage is in the false absorbing position, only driving in the pump mechanism is performed and actual ink absorption is not done.

Eventually, horizontal resolution will be the same resolution as selected one. Check if the head FFC is connected.

If the printer mechanism is replaced, the ink charge operation and the VH Setting operation should be performed prior to this adjustment. Step 3 The host computer responds: Micro absorbing and False absorbing. BM Bottom margin min.

CR motor is defective. CCD charge coupled device line sensor Size of original: ROM selection is not carried out correctly. The figure below shows 1-line overlap at 5-dot sending as an example with explanation on the next page. Check the absorber in the cap visually. Carriage Does Not Move. The carriage Defective IC5. Remove the document cover and upper case. BUSY signal is at high level in the following cases. This operation is only performed while the CR motor is accelerating to move the CR for printing operation.


Output resolution ESC R 50 to dpi, in 1 dpi steps main scan and sub scan resolutions can be set independently.

The zoom function is set by the ESC H command. Fix both bushes with 2 screws 1 each: Pump bulb is not closed at absorption. Also, since these print head is driven by frequency This Micro-Step allows the rotor to have delicate rotation.

If so, wipe it off completely. When transmission pulse f1 goes ON, 10d again move to the capacitor at their right. In monochrome scanning, you can also specify a drop-out color.

Therefore, this ID code is need to be stored in EEPROM on the main board when the following service is made and the printer read this information to compensate the difference of characteristic for printing control and an amount of injected ink is maintained at the specified level.