Various subjects , mixed lighting using light box, post image noise reduction before downsampling and tonal adjustments. Select type of offense: The microscope body can be removed from the stage for ‘on the fly’ image capture to the extent of the USB cable; 10x is probably the highest practical mag for studies off the stand. Click here to review our site terms of use. Built-in top lighting gives modelling, bottom light gives good background. The QX3 is an introductory model.

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Trial using a condenser. As for the QX3 the objectives are protected from ppay and dust by a replaceable flat plastic plate. Three sets of three images of ca.

Intel Play

Like the QX3, modifications can be made to the microscope to improve its capabilities. QX5 top lighting supplemented by Russian high intensity microscope lamp.

I would normally have bits and bobs pllay tripods, homemade gizmos dangling on the end of microscopes etc. This can help the user get a closer look at the subject of interest. Resized to pixels wide from pixels.

The images are detected by the computerized camera and can be projected onto a wall in a classroom setting, allowing all students to see and discuss the microscooe simultaneously.

For undemanding quick and easy imaging of subjects with gross structure where a screen image is adequate, the QX5 may even fill a useful niche in a professional environment.


Intel Play – Wikipedia

The field of ca. The microscope body can be removed from microsocpe stage for ‘on the fly’ image capture to the extent of the USB cable; 10x is probably the highest practical mag for studies off the mivroscope.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular Intel Play QX3 microscope? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. With stage diffuser, bottom LED and light cowling removed, the enthusiast microscopf experiment with any bottom light sources to hand that may suit but beware of hot lamps near plastic. To begin, this Digital Blue microscope comes with specimen jars, slide tweezers, an eyedropper, slide clips, and even its own stand.

MicroscopeMaster is not liable for your results or any personal issues resulting from performing the experiment. The QX5 should respond to similar lighting upgrades. The limitations of using an offset LED and coarse diffuser is especially apparent at x mag. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. The implementation of the top and bottom lighting seems identical to that in qc5 QX3.

Sexually explicit or offensive language.

Alternative budget digital imaging routes for the enthusiast: An LED torch in a simple stand would be a good choice to match the colour balance of the unit’s lighting. Admirably, the microscope is predominantly screwed together, not glued, so ideal for the careful adult enthusiast to dissect, explore and improve upon. The last captured image immediately appears in editing frame. Users looking for something a little more solid that’s not USB-driven may want to check out the top recommendations on microscoe kids microscopes page.


This model has magnifications of 10x, 60x and x and comes with the following accessories: Noise filtering and downsizing with sharpening gives a usable image to appreciate the organisation of scales on a wing. Used Digital Blue Microscopes can be affordably purchased on Ebay.

Built-in bottom light cf external cold light box. Although like many enthusiasts, I own a variety of imaging routes for macro and micro, I was struck with how easy imaging from 10x to x is with the QX5. The stated upgrades are: Improvements to image quality: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The Digital Blue QX5 microscope brings the microscopic world alive on the computer.

Make sure your Mac is powered off, and plug the microscope into a port on the computer – not the keyboard port because a keyboard does not deliver enough power to run the camera.