I do know that plugging the usb thingy is the right approach, however im in learning mode and want to see this airport working in passive mode. Same problem happened with Puzzled troubleshooting post and Michael Schaer the ultimate wi-fi stumbler thou one fixed the problem after a reboot and the other got in touch with you via mail i suppose. I read everything but I still have a problem. I started my computer in 32 bits, I checked it is ok. I reinstalled the kismac 0. To be “far” of the network will make kismac to crash and to be unable to load the passive driver. Does this mean it is faulty?

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Thank you for illuminating me in the quest and cheers for all the resources and time you provide. Any idea of what is the driver i should look for??

Mac Tips and “How To” On a Mac: KisMAC Questions & Answers

I read the link and for example: Ihad success with kizmac and cracked a wifi. Bunch O’ Free App. I have Snow leopard Wayne Dyer b I have never used an atheros. I have tested the injection and several green dots apear. I don’t understand the “unload” part.


Hello Emmanuelle, Thanks for making the effort to read and try, it’s appreciated. I deselected, uninstalled, deleted the plist instantiafe reboot the mashaine before testing with the passive driver.

KisMac: Could not load Monitor Mode for Airport Extreme. Drivers were not found.

Then I wanted to crack the password against the wordlist and used the wordlist cracklib-words, which I downloaded from SourceForge. Emmanuelle Napier March 7, at 7: Plishs that seems to involve with kismac -If I delete all of the Plish, is there any effect to other programs THanks for your reply.

Also, the awusN light never flickers. Do you want the “best” or will you settle for an average one? I forgot to reply. Admin June 7, at 3: I have tried a gentle sudo unload on IOFamily as a guestimation that this could be the driver and i receive the following: Kismac just keep throwing away the injectable packets so I assume he’s trying to inject but with no effect on IVs ;x Do you have any idea to make it inject properly?

I read everything but I still have a problem. Admin September 18, at After googled them, those kext refers to the raid configuration.


Not all of them seem to work according to the comments I’ve read and I don’t buy stuff online so I was wondering which of the available adaptors on the futureshop website should I purchase? Maybe that’s my prob?

If the answer to your 1 kisjac does not jump in your face after re-reading, you will need to consider a one-to-one session.

I removed the intsantiate application with AppCleaner, and I didn’t found any kismac. The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about. Any light is appreciated.

KisMAC Airport Extreme Passive Mode (R75)

Image courtesy of Belkin. I have an “average one” email me here and I’ll send you the list. To crack I used both of the weak attacks. Just a brain fart on my side: Admin May 7, at 9: