Abbleton, Cubase 5 and others. I got the win7 maudio drivers kinda working on win10, but spdif output clicks and pops. Had me a little confused on some things inside the configuration of it, but we figured it out, found out what everything meant and went from there. I would have preferred balanced line level inputs, but I do not experience any hum or noise problems with this card. The only other cards I’ve had experiences with before this was gaming sound cards primarily “Sound Blaster”. But card is powerful enough that I can hook up headphones to the standard speaker output.

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The seller was adamant I know he was selling as is because he had not used it in a long time and I appreciate his candor. For various reasons, I am being forced to upgrade from my old Windows 7 machine to a new computer and Windows I was looking for a good sound card cheap, powerful enough for the small audiohpile studio and has the midi interface.

Knowing what I know now I’d go with a higher quality USB or fire wire interface but back then they weren’t an option so had to work with what was available. Had one in another machine for past couple years.

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Log in or Sign m-audlo. I can not say which of the two is more transparent, amply satisfies me. The sound is more crystalline and more flattering than the but it is all in the same price range and latency is higher with USB. Overview Topics Products People Change log.


Cardd thing to note: But for the sake of “progress” we now must use an audio interface technology that requires us to be computer programmers in order to compensate for its shortcomings. My computer didn’t even notice the difference and it came right up like the previous one always had.

I would have preferred balanced line level inputs, but I do not experience any hum or noise problems with this card. Graeme Warner September 23, Omar RObledo December 16, Show More Show Aound. Tell me why I should buy one of your products. You will find page after page of people complaining about USB latency.

Additionally, setting soound card to 24 bit recording and setting Audacity to 24 bit recording only gets 16 bit recordings. This may not work for you but when I get the ‘failure to verify certificate’ error message in Windows The M-Audio Audiophile is an all-in-one high fidelity soundcard solution for m-akdio wide variety of applications, ranging from multi-track recording to computer-based home theatre.


Only drawback, no headphone jack.

M-Audio Audiophile PCI Digital Recording B&H

It is very convenient to be able to change at will, it can happen to me to increase the buffer up to when I use many virtual instruments and effects. M-Audio Audiophile overview.

I do not regret that choice. My experience has been that no matter how many buffer settings you change, at some point when you are laying down that 3rd guitar part or a new bass line, you will get latency.

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Very handy for software that does not function Export audio. Community-powered support for M-Audio. Bundle a complete and prix. Rated 5 out of 5 by hardbop from Works like a charm! Right click on start menu and click Restart 2: Abbleton, Cubase 5 and others.

No doubt that the components are not worth those of a pro config, but honestly the sound is really excellent. The Audiophile is real nice. The sound is not as flattering as other brands I have tried, but it is not necessarily a fault.